For years a peculiar line of dialogue has periodically invaded my brain. It's infuriating because it seems very familiar, but I can't recall where I've heard it. The line goes something like this:

"I've seen the future, and you're not in it!"

I would imagine the context is something like a goofy science fiction movie, probably involving time travel, and that the quote is uttered at some climactic confrontation. But I can't figure out where exactly it's from. Google has been no help; the exact phrase comes up blank, and a standard search gets a lot of hits but nothing I'm looking for. Is this line familiar to anyone else? Is it possible I made it up myself years ago on one of my flights of fancy and have since mis-remembered it as coming from a movie?


The only cheesy sci-fi movie that I can think of that involves time travel is Lost in Space.

did you ever watch sailor moon?

that line at some point. i think serena is fighting either the black wiseman thing or ruby and one of them says that to her.

('cause there is no sailor moon in the future rather queen serenity).

hope that helped!

Oh my gosh! That's totally it, Ivy! Thank you! Now I can stop beating myself up trying to remember it and start being embarrassed that I've had a cheesy line from Sailor Moon stuck in my head for the last seven or eight years.

Heheheh... I envy you your success. I've had flashes of the plotline of a kids' fantasy book popping into my head periodically for several years now and my every attempt to get them identified has led to people telling me I'm crazy. I'm absolutely certain that whatever it is, it's just as embarrassing as Sailor Moon.

Describe it! Maybe this comment section is on a hot streak! And realistically, while the chances that I read the book in question are fairly slim, I have multiple sisters (and apparently other people) who read this blog and have a background in young adult fantasy readership.

Exciting! Okay, here's what I've got.

The setting is one of those vaguely-nearly-modern things, like sometime between Victorian and 1950 but probably toward the early end of that range. Set and styled a lot like the Borrowers, although I don't think it actually is the Borrowers. In any case.

There's a girl, between maybe 10 and 15, who's one of the major protagonists. Early in the story she's sent out to a shop to get something resembling an air freshener -- what exactly it was was always something of an anachronistic mystery to me. It came in a can, and had a wick, and had a scent that was supposed to be lavender or lilac or one of those maiden-aunt sort of smells (in fact, I think the girl was sent out by some sort of maiden aunt). This one that she found, though, was the last one on the shelf and was rusty and looked somewhat dubious, and had a scent that was not at all supposed to be associated with air fresheners. Cabbage, maybe, or something else green. I have a definite feeling of greenness about this part of the plot. Significantly, it was missing its wick, and it turned out later in the story that -- here my level of detail drops off sharply -- the wick was missing because someone or something tiny was living in the can, and it came out and turned out to be some kind of intriguing fantasy playmate and/or nuisance. Not scary, I'm sure of that, but definitely un-normal.

There. Any flashes? I have a feeling the book itself, while not as old as the setting, was already several decades old when I read it in the early 90s. And possibly English.

Hmmm... I'm not sure if I can be too helpful on this. I read a few books in the children-finding-magical-tiny-creatures-that-live-among-us-unseen subgenre, and I've read some books that featured antiquated references to consumer goods that were apparently popular at the time but which have now vanished into obscurity, but the specific combination you give isn't totally familiar. Let me see if I can find something...

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