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Gob Ears

I was feeling a little depressed this evening, but watching the University of California Golden Bears take apart the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers has jolted me back into neurochemical allignment. Stupid gophers! You're not match for an extinct species of bear!

Wow! A Sports Entry! (sort of)


Congratulations, Steelers, on your Super Bowl win! And congratulations to Steelers fans, of whom I know this site has a few among its readers! I don't follow much professional football, but of all the teams out there, the Steelers are the only ones about whom I could call myself a well-wisher (moreso than the Chargers). They seem like one of the few teams with an ownership that genuinely cares about the city they're in, and they have the patience to pick a coach and stick with him through good times and bad.

Sadly, I missed most of the Super Bowl today because I was working on my moot court brief. Still, I caught the final 30 seconds or so. How was the game? Exciting? It seemed like the Steelers were pretty much ahead throughout.

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