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Nothing much new to report, except that,

1. I still hate Weezer, and
2. After a visit to a friend's house in which Weezer was playing, I now have the bridge from Buddy Holly stuck in my head.

I'm not sure what I can do to dislodge it. Maybe listen to Funky Town or Total Eclipse of the Heart.

UPDATE: Also of note: Scientific experiments have determined that beginning a recipe by roasting a dozen white peppercorns, then adding in four diced jalapeno peppers, then adding hefty amounts of ground black pepper, white pepper, and cayenne, then serving it over rice that has been prepared with curry powder and more cayenne, is highly correlated with spiciness in the end dish.


Tax return filing party at Zach's house!


To those of you whom I pestered for career advice over the last few weeks:

Today I officially accepted the government job.

To those of you whom I did not pester for career advice over the last few weeks:

Today I officially accepted a government job.

That is all.

Uh Oh

Today I have interviews with attorneys from the SEC and the IRS.

I might be in a little trouble. . .

Dewey, Cheatham, Howe, and Weinstein.

I just got an e-mail from the chairman of my law firm. Apparently, the big international law firm that I'm planning to work for next Fall will soon be merging with another big international law firm to form a huge international law firm. The gargantuan two-headed giant that will soon be my employer will have roughly 1,200 attorneys worldwide and annual gross revenues of around a billion dollars. I am both excited an anxious about it; excited that this will give me more exposure to interesting new practice groups, anxious that the process of merging two giant New York offices over the next few years will not be fun.

I'd prefer not to mention the name of my firm, the firm we're merging with, or the new name for the joint firm, just to keep my Google profile low. Nonetheless, I will say that, should this merger go through successfully, I will be working at a firm named after the Republican governor of New York who famously did not defeat Truman in 1948.

Patents Pending

For some reason I'm signed up to take Patents this Fall. For the life of me, I can't figure out why. I don't have a technical background, so I can't take the patent bar. I can't recall ever having any particularly strong interest in patents. Yet, there it is, right on my schedule, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 11-12:20. I even put it at number 5 on my course request list, with Copyright as an alternate. But I'm actually interested in copyright law, and Copyright doesn't conflict with any classes I want to take more. I'm signed up for a seminar on the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, which requires students to be enrolled concurrently in an intellectual property class, but Copyright would have been both more interesting to me and a more natural fit for the seminar.

So, the question again: Why did I request Patents? It's a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a sorting algorithm.

Tonight I met a neat woman and managed to ask for and receive her phone number. These are all very rare events for me.

As I was walking back to the subway from the enconter, my first thought was, "This is SO going on my blog!"

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

I was wandering around Chelsea today and came upon an interesting pair of stores. The first was Revolution Books, a big anti-capitalist bookselling collective. The windows were covered in quotations from Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, Mao, and other communist leaders and thinkers. The front door was draped with banners bearing Marxist slogans.

Next door to them was a trendy office furniture store.

Along similar lines, there's a yuppie supermarket near me that stores their vegetarian/vegan fake meat products like tempeh and seitan right next to their foie gras. What's interesting is that they're literally right next to one another an both come in similar tubs, which makes it very easy to imagine an inattentive shopper buying one of them and being quite displeased when they got home.

The same grocery store also keeps their onions and their potatoes next to each other in an alcove. I'm led to understand that this causes both to rot faster, though I wouldn't be surprised if this bit of kitchen wisdom is apocryphal.

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