Dewey, Cheatham, Howe, and Weinstein.

I just got an e-mail from the chairman of my law firm. Apparently, the big international law firm that I'm planning to work for next Fall will soon be merging with another big international law firm to form a huge international law firm. The gargantuan two-headed giant that will soon be my employer will have roughly 1,200 attorneys worldwide and annual gross revenues of around a billion dollars. I am both excited an anxious about it; excited that this will give me more exposure to interesting new practice groups, anxious that the process of merging two giant New York offices over the next few years will not be fun.

I'd prefer not to mention the name of my firm, the firm we're merging with, or the new name for the joint firm, just to keep my Google profile low. Nonetheless, I will say that, should this merger go through successfully, I will be working at a firm named after the Republican governor of New York who famously did not defeat Truman in 1948.

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