To Those Curious What I Look Like With a Beard...

| 1 Comment looks a little something just like this:

The beard is not at all well-kept; I haven't been shaving the neck or cheek area, nor trimming the beard part. This is because the beard is essentially the result of my taking a hiatus from shaving around Thanksgiving. Now that finals are winding down, I'm planning to shave it off again. It's far too itchy and I don't really like the way the hair comes in (Too thin and scraggly and in annoying colors, particularly around the lips).

On the other hand, it's been a pretty warm winter so far, but will probably get colder by the time I come back here in early January. Maybe a little extra hair would be nice to have around in cold weather...

1 Comment

I like it. I'd grow my beard in too if I could for work. In college I'd usually grow a beard for November thru March.

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