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In other news: Jesus Fucking Christ, Gilmore Girls, what the Hell are you thinking? Tonight we learn that Lane, whom I was previously annoyed at for not even considering an abortion, is having twins. And now that they've shown us a sonogram of the twins, had her tell Mrs. Kim, and now that we've seen her pregnant, there's no possible way they'll have her abort the unwanted children. Gluh.

And I don't even want to talk about the ending. For Pete's sake.


can i place a bet on how long it takes lorelai and chris to get divorced? i give it...6 episodes, if that.

Hey, guess what? You just posted the 1000th comment on my blog!

hey that's pretty cool! do I win something? I think I should...:-)

You win the Thanksgiving Present for Kelsey that I punted when she decided that she had to tell Mom and Dad I was going to Chicago!

I don't know much about the Gilmore Girls, so if there's background that I'm missing that could influence my decision, disregard what I'm saying.

That said...why would anyone want to encourage abortion? I am pro-choice, politically, but personally pro-life. Unless Keri was in mortal danger by having the child, I would not consider abortion. I hope I don't sound preachy, but its not a form of birth control!

I'm with Teddy. I get that your original argument was that they didn't even mention the possiblity of an abortion, but it's a family-type show that's on network television, and Lane has a religious background, so it's not that shocking. But I think that you can be a strong female and decide that an abortion isn't for you. It just seems like your post is expressing exasperation with the fact that Lane didn't get an abortion, rather than with the fact that she didn't consider it.

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