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I'm packing for my trip to Chicago. The plan is to leave tomorrow afternoon, stay there Thursday night and all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, then return to New York Monday morning.

I have been through Midway before, and memories of the long, winding bag-check lines have given me heavy incentive to pack light. Unfortunately, the weather in Chicago is forecast to be fairly cold this weekend; highs in the low 40s, lows in the low 30s. That's on the cusp of snow weather. Since I'm planning to spend the weekend gadding about town, I'll need outerwear if I want to spend more than ten minutes outside. This means hat, earmuffs, scarf, gloves, and jackets light and heavy. I could wear all this to the airport, but New York's weather forcast for tomorrow is clear with highs in the mid-60s. I would look quite the fool trundling about in full winter kit. Still, packing all of my winter gear would probably put the kibosh on any plans to pack light and move fast.

I'll figure some way out of this spot, but I renew my contention that packing is my mortal foe.

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