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I have a tattoo! I got it whilst visiting Dianna in the Bay Area.

My piece was done by Rocio of Black and Blue Tattoo in San Francisco. The experience was delightful; the shop was clean and inviting, and Rocio produced the exact tattoo I imagined when I drew my painfully artless sketches.

I also credit Dianna for doing yeoman's work in making this happen. She kicked my butt to get the design done and to call the shop to talk with Rocio about the design, she arranged the appointment, and she ran my sketches and reference art over to the shop so that Rocio would have time to prepare my sketch before the session.

My one complaint about having at tattoo is that, now that I have one, it makes the rest of my skin look so boring in comparison.

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How awesome? SO AWESOME. Rocio is utterly amazing and you have an extremely badass piece of art right there.

I do know a good remedy for the problem of excessively plain skin, you know. I may have mentioned it previously. And just think -- you could cover your entire exposed skin surface with dense and intricate tattoos for less than you're spending on law school!

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