Amalgamated Panties, Incorporated

Apropos a conversation from last Friday, there are indeed sites where you can purchase used panties on-line. The industry has gotten so large, in fact, that it now supports a sanctioning organization, The Used Panty Trust (Not work safe). The Used Panty Trust serves as a clearinghouse for complaints about double-dealing used panty sellers and buyers. They also certify sellers of panties so that the panty purchaser can purchase sweaty underthings with complete confidence in the integrity of the transaction. The Used Panty Trust is essentially the Better Business Bureau of the soiled undergarb industry.

The development of a panty sales trade association makes me wonder, though, what further organizational developments are around the corner. Perhaps a union (The International Panty Workers Union, or IPWU) isn't far behind? And from there, how long will it be before the IPWU falls under the control of the Panty Mafia, breaking the kneecaps of scabs selling non-Union panties? Finally, good hard-working American panty-workers will slowly be put out of work as their jobs are exported to cheap overseas panty-workers, willing to soil six pairs of panties for 15 cents a day. But the upshot for the used panty consumer will be discount twelve packs of used panties available at warehouse stores at bargain prices.

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