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Hot Library Smut. Not Hot Librarian Smut. I'm a fan of the Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura in Rio de Janeiro, the Handelingenkamer Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal in The Hague, and the Trinity College Library in Dublin.

No American libraries in their list, sadly.


I'm for any library with a big spiral staircase.

Dianna will disagree with me on this, but I like a library to have lots of light and plenty of open space for sitting and reading. For all its sterile modernity, I liked the Main Stacks at Doe as a library. I prefered Morrison and the second-floor Reference Room, but Main Stacks was okay by me.

I also like being able to read among the books. Books in one room/reading in another is a major turn-off for me. This is one of the reasons I can't abide Closed Stacks libraries.

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