And Now I'm Off On Another Amazing Adventure!

Sorry for my taciturnity lately. EIP was a bit exhausting, and since then I've moved rapidly from worrying about not getting any callbacks, to scheduling callbacks, to worrying that I have too many callbacks, to frantically preparing for callbacks.

And so: I leave in an hour for La Guardia Airport, from which I will fly to Washington D.C. for my first callback, with Debevoise & Plimpton's DC office. I will be spending the night at the Hay-Adams Hotel, interviewing from 10 AM until about noon, going out to lunch with some of the D&P lawyers, then flying back tomorrow evening. All of this is being paid for by Debevoise, including the various cab fares and meals. So, hooray for Debevoise!

Thus: I will be out of town, and away from internet access, until tomorrow evening. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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