Theoretically Secret Recipes


Relatives! And, in particular, relatives who lived in Pittsburgh! I'm sure you recall Grandma's peanut butter balls. I was thinking of posting the recipe on this blog. But the thought occurred to me that this might have been a family secret sort of recipe. If grandma had intended for the recipe to stay within the family, obviously I won't post it. Any ideas?


Um. How would your parents feel about adopting me? Because I really want that recipe. I don't, as you suggest, recall Grandma's peanut butter balls (my grandma's specialty is oatmeal lace cookies), but by god I'd like to eat some.

Considering I've seen them elsewhere (often sporting the misnomer "buckeye") I think its fair to share the recipe. Besides, if there's anything Grandma was about, it was making people happy. If she were still with us, I'm sure she'd offer to make the treats for you, but now its up to us.

So share on!

Excellent! I'm planning to do just that! I've just made a batch and took photos of the various stages in the process, and will be posting shortly.

I have to say, though, that I don't think my peanut butter balls came out nearly so well as Grandma's used to. Most likely a lot of this is due to her having so much more experience and skill than I do, though I wonder if the recipe I have is completely accurate. Still, some peanut butter balls are infinitely better than no peanut butter balls.

"Buckeyes?" Huh! Who comes up with such nonsense?

Yeah, "buckeyes." Have you ever seen one? Mostly Ohioans use that phrase because of their stupid pride in The Ohio State University - mascot: Buckeyes. Its a seed/nut thing that falls off of trees. They do look like Peanut Butter Balls.

Anyhow, Aunt Karen has continued on the tradition quite well, so maybe you two could compare notes?

Photographic evidence.

I've made them on several occasions and mine weren't as asthetically pleasing as grandma's were but they tasted pretty darn good. I think i made them for a presentation for my french class, if i recall correctly, they were a big success! :-)

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