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I survived my last law school final of the first year, and have been celebrating not having anything to do by not doing anything. Sort of. For the last week thoughts of the eggplants in my refrigerator have loomed at the back of my brain, pushed aside to focus on the Rule Against Perpetuities, Easements, and Testatrixes. But thoughts of the eggplants have never left my mind. I knew they were in there, plotting against me in the crisper, preparing to rot and turn my entire vegetable bin against me. So today I struck at them preemptively by turning them into a tasty baba ghanush, to be served with homemade pita bread. Observe!



Holy crap, those pitas look delicious. I'm sure the baba ganoush is also delicious, but the pitas are the more impressive looking item.

The Pitas came out astoundingly well. They all puffed up nicely in the oven and could easily have been turned into sandwhiches, if I had had stuff lying around other than baba ghanoush to stuff into them. They also had a nice moistness that I've found lacking in grocery store pitas.

This reminds me of something that happened the last time I bought a take-out platter at the local mediterranean place. The guy gave me the food in its normal plastic container, then threw in a bag containing a single pita. The bag was the bag that they sell pitas in at the supermarket. He used it rather than a separate bag because this was the last pita in the supermarket bag. You could buy this particular brand of pitas at the supermarket next door for thirty cents. I was being charged about a buck fifty for the same pita at Amir's.

I wanted to tell him that, if he's going to buy pitas next door and mark up the price 500%, he ought to at least have the courtesy to pretend these are pitas fresh out of the oven, rather than just handing over our $1.50 pitas with the $.30 price tags still on them.

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