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And while I'm posting photos, here's one I took of my board game closet. As president of the Columbia Strategic Simulations Society, I am custodian to the club's treasure trove of games. I have carefully segregated the club's games from mine; club games on the top shelf, my games on the bottom. That's also why, if you look carefully, you'll notice two copies of Settlers of Catan.



Do I see something called Arkham Horror there? That sounds intriguingly batty.

You've fallen into the same trap my sister Kelsey fell into when she saw the game. Arkham Asylum, from the Batman cannon, is an homage to Arkham, Massachusetts, the mythical setting of most of H.P. Lovecraft's work. Arkham Horror is a boardgame in which you and your fellow investigators inquire into a series of unusual occurances in the town of Arkham while trying to survive physical and psychological assault from otherworldly forces beyond mortal ken. Eventually, if the dark forces open 8 gates throughout the town of Arkham, an eldritch god awakens and you and your compatriots must do battle with it in a last-ditch attempt to save humanity. It's a bloodcurdling boardgame of terror and the macabre! And it has Cthulhu, if that's your thing.

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