Matter and Anti-Matter


What would be the opposite of mood music? Like, what sort of music would take someone who is in the mood for sex and makes them not in the mood for sex any longer? For purposes of this question, it has to be mainstream music; no children's songs or any such.


I've sort of been doing an experiment in this, actually, albeit by accident. I've been putting together mix, uh, lists -- what's the equivalent of the mixtape or mix CD when it's on a digital music player? In any case, I recently assembled one that was supposed to be very sweet and romantic and sappy. Lots of Beatles, Jimmy Eat World, Death Cab for Cutie, some kind of folksy old REM, and so on.

I put the Rolling Stones' "Angie" on there -- it's a slow song, and, you know, kind of nice, right? It didn't work at all; in fact, it only served to piss me off when I'd been feeling very sappy and pleased. I conclude from this that songs about breaking up for no good reason except feeling like it are unsexy enough to qualify as anti-mood music.

Interesting. I ask because the thought occurred to me when my roommate and his Significant Other came in this afternoon, went straight to the bedroom without so much as a "Hello," and proceeded to the sort of wall-pounding athletics that have been his primary use for the room the last few months. Five minutes later, woosh! out the door. I'd been listening to music at the time, and didn't want my selection to dampen the mood. Which started me thinking about exactly what sort of music would kill a romantic buzz.

Not that I wanted to interfere with his sexual olympics; I'm a well-wisher, in that I wish him no specific harm. Still, it seemed an interesting question.

My thoughts on the subject: Confusing and distracting music would probably work along those lines. Music that commands you to pay attention and forces you to think about non-sexy topics. My first selection in this category was Blueberry Boat, but then I remembered the pirates involved and decided that they might sneak some pirate-related sexiness into the experience. So instead I'll go with Quay Cur from the same album.

I also think Rush, no matter what song or album, should count. The raw dorkitude packed into every ounce of Rush's being should cause even the most arroused of Casa Novae to pack it in and pull out a D20.

Also, I think the term you're looking for is Play List.

Anti-mood music is anything that generally falls under the category of mood music. All slow and whiney? Bleh.

Yeah, Kelsey gets turned out by the latest DDR2010 Japanese remix of the Mickey Mouse Club theme.


Heh. It's true, Kelsey does like the techno. That and Spanish music. And Rush.

Rush kicks ass!

Yeah they do! And Ted, you'll pay for that DDR comment (even if it is true...).

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