I know there are a few people who read this who are into pen-and-paper RPGs, or who have at least dabbled in them. I just thought I'd pass along the news that Palladium Books, who make Rifts and Heroes Unlimited, among other game systems, is in serious danger of going under for good. It sounds like there was some malfeasance against the companies, some deals gone sour, and the profoundly unwise decision to put a lot of their eggs in the Nokia N-Gage basket.

I've never really done much with Palladium's products, but I know some people who do, and it's always a shame to lose a dedicated Role Playing Game company. I've considered buying some Rifts stuff in the past (due to my unhealthy obsession with world-building), and might pitch in for a book now that they're in need. Just thought I'd pass the news along for anyone who might be interested.

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