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I'm going away on vacation for a week Friday afternoon, and I'd like to use all my perishable food items before them (or at least transmute them through cookery into a freezable form that I can eat when I return). This means a lot of cooking tonight, and possibly means making odd partners of my various comestables.

Right now I would like to, in one fell swoop, dispense with:
About a pound of serrano peppers.
About a dozen habanero peppers.
About a half-dozen jalapeno peppers.
A pound of turnips.
A half-pound of rutabagas.
a 3-pound butternut squash.
A 14-ounce container of firm tofu

I also have various things that could conceivably be added, though it is by no means necessary that I use them:
A jar of artichoke hearts.
Various frozen vegetables (a package of spinach, a package of brussels sprouts, a package of okra, a package of peas)
A loaf of bread (Plus the Godless Communist Brown Rice Bread, still frozen)
Assorted condiments (Deli mustard, ketchup, several kinds of hot sauce, wasabi sauce inherited from an old lady who lived on the first floor, soy sauce)
Long-Grain Rice
60% of a container of Tofutti
A wide assortment of spices, plus various baking material (chocolate, sugar, baking soda and powder, yeast, etc.)

Any ideas? My plan right now is to chop things pretty coarsely, roast them, then puree them into some sort of.... dippish... thing. Maybe a pasta sauce. If you don't hear anything from me within 12 hours, avenge my death.


It should make a pretty good dip, but you might want to eat the tofu seperately.

and that sounds like a lot of peppers. tell me how it turns out. I never know what to do with the excess root veggies

It is a lot of peppers; I might just cut my losses and put a sane amount in. They're the most perishable of the vegetables, so I either use them now or throw them out. But if using them all means making whatever I make into something intolerably spicy, I'd be better off using a few and throwing the rest out, rather than ruining the dish.

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