Awwww, Dip!


Or at least, some sort of vaguely dip-like substance. It's actually not too bad. Very spicy, but that's because I threw in lots of peppers (and threw out many more).

Nonetheless, it has a large number of ingredients that the Laws of God and Man say should not go together. It has, pureed together, peppers, tofu, turnips, rutabagas, tofutti, garlic, horseraddish, some red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. To that was added chopped artichokes, onions, and spinach. I also threw in some parmesan cheese that I inherited from the old lady on the first floor that I've been meaning to get rid of, but I don't think it's essential at all. Oh, and oil. I put in oil.

After pureeing and combining, everything went in a slow-cooker and I cooked it on low overnight. Now it's done and it tastes... very creamy, very spicy, but with a nice spinach/artichoke flavor. The root vegetables add nicely to the creaminess; they actually seem like a natural for veganized dips. That is, pureed turnips/rutabagas are like less flavorful, more liquid mashed potatoes, so they act as a nice base for more substantial and flavorful vegetables you might care to puree with them.

I like it. If I were serving it to company, I'd use a lot less in the way of peppers, and probably another can of artichokes, but it came out alright. I'm glad, in retrospect, that I didn't try to incorporate the butternut squash; I don't think it would have integrated well. Hopefully it'll last until I get back.

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