Wir Spielen ein Spiel

Several Spielen, in fact. A friend from the Columbia Strategic Simulations Society introduced me to a new website, SpielByWeb. It lets you play German board games on-line with other people. It's quite a nice set-up; the boards and pieces are attractively re-created, you can send messages to others in the game, you can leave notes to remind yourself what your plans are, and the system e-mails you when it's your turn. You click a link, take your turn, and you're done. There aren't a lot of games there, but the ones they have are quite fun.

I've taken the liberty of setting up a few games, if anyone's interested. I have games of Amun-Re, Reef Encounter, Tikal, and Wallenstein set up. You can get on-line rules for all but Tikal on the site. Go here for Tikal rules. Don't worry, the site's all in English, and I've only a passing familiarity with these games, so this isn't a set-up or anything. You'll have to register with the site, which is free and quick. I've set up the following games:

Wallenstein. Game: Law1. Password: Dip
Amun-Re. Game: Law2. Password: Dip
Tikal. Game: Law3. Password: Dip
Reef Encounter. Game: Law4. Password: Dip

The pace will be very relaxed and easy-going. No rush to finish your turns, just whenever you get a chance, and it won't be competitive at all. Come learn some new board games!

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