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Molten Boron. Molten Boron. Z. Slorpe. Molten Boron. Molten Boron Law Student. Molten Boron Columbia. Molten Boron Poke. Molten Boron Berkeley. Molten Boron History. Molten Boron Future Supreme Court Justice. Molten Boron Soy Milk.

Sorry about that. People have been finding the page searching for Molten Boron, but they wind up in the Weblogs category, which is both sparse and gives no indication that it is a slice of the blog and not the whole blog. Hopefully these links will send people to the homepage. But I have no real idea how Google works, or how to bomb it, so who knows if this'll be successful.

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If it works the same way as my Googlebombing of my own page, it'll send people directly to this entry. Observe.

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