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Google hits for the phrase "I Love Lawyers": 581
Google hits for the phrase "I Like Lawyers": 444
Google hits for the phrase "I Don't Like Lawyers": 541
Google hits for the phrase "I Hate Lawyers": 12,000

Ahem. I guess the nays have it.

In any case, since I feel a need to steer this post toward sex, Shakespeare's Sister has a good post on a new treatment gaining popularity in Serbia for men who want birth control, but aren't fans of using condoms. The answer? Electric shocks to the testicles. I feel like this is a classic "cure that's worse than the disease."

This leads to my general rule about prescription medications. Read the list of side-effects on a bottle of pills. Now, imagine your situation was reversed. Suppose you had a disease that gave you some or all of those side-effects. Now, imagine you had a pill that would eliminate all of those side-effects, but in return would give you genital herpes. Would you take that pill? If so, you probably don't need the medication.

1 Comment

Hmmm. Wow. Those Serbians have the answer to everything!

By the way, note my new URL!

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