Out of Town


I'm leaving town to visit family in Arizona for Thanksgiving. I should still have internet access, but it'll be spotty. Treat this as an open thread and talk amongst yourselves. Or yourself, as the case may be.


Since I'm just going to be talking to myself here, I'll just post myself a link to an article I want to read more closely.

The Elemenstor Saga.

So, not that it matters in any cosmic sense, but right now I have exactly 150 blog entries and 435 posts (436 once this one goes up). So, if there were somehow just 14 more comments after this comment, without my making any more posts, I'd have an exact 3:1 comments-to-posts ratio, and the numbers would be nicely even. Not, again, that it matters. Just thought I'd mention.

How're the pies going, by the way? Are you making pumpkin? Any other interesting concoctions?

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