Limited Batch Flavor


I had an odd dream last night, one part of which I recall vividly. Transcription follows:

My sister Kelsey, my dad, and I are walking through the frozen section of the supermarket.

Kelsey: Ooo, let's get some Ben and Jerry's!  I need Chunky Monkey.

Dad: (Normally he's not cruel in this way, but these are the lines my dream's script gave him) Haven't you been complaining about being fat lately?  All that pig fat will go straight to your butt.

Me: Pig fat, dad?  Don't you mean milk fat?

Kelsey: Ha ha.

Me: Although it could be a new Experimental Flavor.  Makin' Bacon!  Bacon grease ice cream with fat swirls and chunks of real bacon!


You could market it as antisemitic, or at the very least, very very unkosher.

It's also profoundly untouchable by Muslims. It's the Christian Imperial Ben & Jerry's flavor!

mmm, divisive pork ice cream....

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