In a decision I read the other day, it was claimed that OPEC stood for "Oil Producing Export Countries." Huh. I always thought that OPEC stood for "Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries," which I feel flows better. Here are some other things OPEC could stand for, which I came up with while unbelievably bored in Contracts today:

Ocelot Parmesan Elephant Candy
Omelet Pepperoni Escalator Clause
Oblong Pettycoat Embolism Cheese
Ostrich Pill Eggshell Camel
Otter Pinch Elegy Candle
Ontological Pants Existence Crisis


Overly Perplexing Ecumenical Council
Orange Peppermint Equipment Closet
Oscar Patterson's Exsanguinated Corpse
Ordained Per Explicit Codicil
Orrery Pleases Excited Crowd

I did cheat and use a dictionary, but only to look up "codicil".


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