One hand giveth and the other taketh away.

I woke up this morning and stumbled into the bathroom (this time double-checking to make sure my door was unlocked and, just to be safe, not closing it behind me). Huh, what's that smell? I thought. Is there a skunk in here? How would it get up to my apartment? Do they even have a lot of skunks in New York City? Rats, sure, squirrels, but...

And then I remembered that marijuana smells like skunk, to my nose. Ah. So now the scent of roasted vegetables which I used to displace the scent of cheap booze has, in its turn, been replaced with the smell of burning pot. Thanks, roommate!


You have been trumped! It's an escalating war of aromas. Be very careful how you play this next round, or it could end with one of you getting a cat and the other getting a durian.

Personally I'd go with either sauteed onions or chocolate chip cookies next, in keeping with your policy of fighting bad smells with good (and depending on whether it's closer to dinner time or snack time).

Depending how strong the pot smell is, you may have to resort to curry.

Ew, I'll take the cookies. I don't know if I've mentioned it here, but onions and I really don't get along. Now, some foods I like and others I don't like, but Onions are the only food that I can't stand on a visceral level. I'll eat them, but only if they've been cooked so much that you can't taste them or feel them when chewed. Raw onions cause a gag reflex, even if it's just a tiny onion hidden in, say, a sandwich or a burrito.

So: Don't talk to me about onions.

Curry is awesome, though.

Well, that's interesting.

I adore onions, either raw in small quantities or sauteed/grilled/cooked in extremely large quantities. But curry I really can't stand.

Cookies, then. Need any more recipes?

I think I'm good for now; the pot smell has subsided, leaving blessed nothingness in its wake. No roast vegetables, no booze. Tonight's a leftover night, in any case, and I'm out of most of the flavoring ingredients for cookies (no oatmeal, no peanut butter, no chocolate chips), so short of sugar cookies I'm out of luck until my next trip to the store.

While I hate onions, I love garlic. I'm told this is unusual, that there is generally a correlation between taste for garlic and taste for onions, though this may just be because cuisines heavy in garlic also tend to be heavy in onions for simple geographic/agricultural reasons (they both grow well under similar conditions), rather than reflective of observed tastes in societies with a multicultural cuisine such as ours.

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