Y'know what I hate?


Whiny west coasters who won't shut up about a little rain. Or about how cold it is here. You don't like cold and rain? Transfer to a school in California, because I'm sick of hearing about it.

Maybe I'm too stoic about the weather, but it irked me even more when I was at Berkeley and Southern California people would bitch non-stop about how cold and wet it was in the Bay Area. Cold and wet my eye! They went from a place where it rains maybe 20 days a year to a place where it rains perhaps 30-35 days per year. I had to sit through lunch at the dinning commons once with a suitemate who was honest-to-God worried that she was getting SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder, when you get depressed for whole seasons because of the weather) because it rained twice in one week. She started hyperventilating about how the weather was going to cause her to flunk out of school.

Anyhow, it's great that you love the weather where you came from. But you're not there anymore, and complaining won't make it better. You knew full well when you moved to New York that there are seasons here, so don't act shocked and outraged when the season changes.


But it's only 50 degrees here! I'm wearing two thick sweaters and shivering.

I know better than to move to New York. I'd either kill myself or burn down my house running heaters all the time.

Ah, maybe I'm a bit too harsh and unsympathetic. The blood of the northmen courses through my veins like ice floes through the fjords. I've been walking around in the rain all day in short sleeves. All the people I pass are wearing sweaters and jackets and raincoats, and they stare at me quizzically as I pass. I'm just not that cold, damnit!

The flip side of this is that I have absolutely no tolerance for heat. It paralyzes me during the day, and if I get too hot at night I wake up feeling sick and feverish and it takes at least an hour to work myself up to normal.

Short sleeves? Really? On purpose, even?

You resemble Jacob in that regard, then. We have an ongoing problem with the fact that any number of blankets that makes me comfortable makes him excruciatingly overheated, and any number that makes him comfortable leaves me shivering pathetically all night.

Somehow despite my German, Scottish, and Swedish heritage I have absolutely no resistance to the cold. Poor circulation helps, I think; I can get icy toes in 70-degree weather. I'm just a machine made for freezing.

Come to think of it, my German, Scottish and Swedish heritage probably just means that I need to drink heavily and then I'll be completely resistant to the cold.

almost every californian i knew at penn couldn't stop complaining about how much the east coast sucks and how they couldn't wait to get back to the warmer weather and beaches. and they talked about in n out and jamba juice so much that it gave all californians on the east coast a bad rep for being annoying and obsessed with their state. i, on the other hand, actually enjoy the snow. of course, i've never had to shovel it. i'm not sure where it came from, but i also love that first chill of fall where its just cold enough for a jacket and the wind nips at the nose first thing in the morning. ahh, so refreshing!

See, I'm with you Lindsey. Although I think in New York we get less of the Jamba Juice complaining because Jamba has actually pretty thoroughly infiltrated NYC.

The flip side of this, and it is somewhat unfair of me to get irked about it but when you've heard it for the dozenth time you start to get annoyed, is hearing New Yorkers rave about Washington Mutual. People will be having a discussion, as people often do, about where the nearest ATM is, and how much each charges for fees, and some East Coaster will say "Hey! Have you heard of this bank Washington Mutual? They, like, don't charge a fee even if you don't bank with them." By now I've reached the point where I want to shout "Yes, New Yorkers, I know about Washington Mutual! I'm from the West Coast, we've had Washington Mutual forever out there. I know it's a brand new thing for you, but I don't need to be told about it as though it is some novel new development every time someone wants to go to the ATM!" Again, not fair, which is why I don't yell at them, but irksome nonetheless.

Also, I really like cold and snow because I have positive associations between it and Christmas from childhood. Also, in recent years, between nippy, windy weather and shopping for Christmas presents in San Francisco around Union Square.

I find it somewhat mindboggling that, after living for 15 years in places where snow never happens, I have finally moved to a snowy city, and will be staying here until December 20, the end of my finals, at which point, just before Christmas, I will be flying away from the snow to celebrate Christmas in sunny San Diego. It's like that montage in Annie Hall when he goes to Los Angeles at Christmas. Christmas was not meant to be sunny and warm, damnit! They moved it to December to coincide with the Winter Solctice for a reason!

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