Sorry to do a post about random people who've come here by google searches, but...

I've finally got enough stuff on this page that I'm starting to get random people coming here from Google, and I'm pretty sure none of what I have is actually helpful to them. Sadly, no lawyer porn searches yet (not even law student porn searches!) Mostly I get people looking for cases that I mention. Someone came here looking for Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council. There was a random, off-handed mention of the case in my "Lord what tools these mortals be" post about a month ago, and the only reason they ended up here was because they searched for the exact phrase "Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council" when there ought to be a "Corporation" after "Chevron."

Yesterday someone came here looking for "Harkonnen Heartplug." This opens an avenue for a question that's vaguely bugged me for a while. The Harkonnen heartplugs: Were they actually in the novel, or are they a David Lynch innovation? I remember watching the movie some time after I'd read the book and couldn't recall heartplugs being mentioned by Frank Herbert, but I wasn't entirely sure.

Finally, someone came here looking for "Lucy v. Zehmer copy of case brief." Fair enough; I actually did talk a bit about Lucy v. Zehmer. Then at 5:30 this morning I got another hit from Google Translations of someone translating my Lucy v. Zehmer post into French. Huh. It'll be interesting to see if I show up in any French treatises on the common law. "Noted expert on contracts made in jest that are actually enforeceable Molten Boron..."


I'll be able to tell you about heartplugs shortly. I'm re-reading Dune now.

Hey, wait. Have you seen, or do you read the comic of, Hellboy? The clockwork Nazi has a heartplug. It goes tick-tick-tick-tick. He takes it out and unwinds it when he's playing dead. Maybe Mike Mignola (he is the author, right?) was borrowing Herbert's (or Lynch's) ideas.

I saw Hellboy, but I missed the part about the wind-up heart. I wasn't super-impressed by the movie, but I also saw it at the tail end of a three-movies-in-one-day binge, so I may not have been entirely cognizant when I saw it.

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