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I just looked out my window and noticed a girl in the apartment across-and-slightly-leftward from mine talking quite emphatically. She isn't pacing; just standing in one place addressing someone. She is making exaggerated arm gestures, emphasizing points by motioning with a bottle of beer in her right hand. At one point, she stops and doubles over in laughter before continuing. I've never seen someone so physically engaged in a conversation before, outside The Sims.

Then I shift my angle and discover: She's talking to the corner. Nobody else is there in the room with her, at least not in the direction she's facing. I feel like I should put a sign up in the window introducing myself and asking her to call me.


you should! everyone loves the girl next door...

The buildings are kind of at an odd angle, though; I've never seen her looking in my window. And I'd hate to put up a big sign and start getting calls all over the place from who knows whom.

Plus I think she has a boyfriend.

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