Mutual Mistake


My roommate goes to class in the mornings about an hour and 45 minutes before I do. I am therefore less cautious than I perhaps should be walking around. This morning while I was getting breakfast in the kitchen in my underpants (bright green briefs) I happened to glance out the window and noticed the girl who lives in the apartment across and one level up from me. She was standing in front of the open bathroom window, apparently having just gotten out of the shower, completely naked and staring out the window at me. We stood transfixed for 10-20 seconds, then both calmly walked to our respective windows and closed them. I believe we both learned a valuable lesson today. Again.


is this the same girl mentioned in the "soul mate" entry? i think its a sign. who cares if she has a boyfriend. we all know that homewreckers win in the end.

Nah, different one. It's sort of hard to explain the geography of my building, but the kitchen window faces northward onto a courtyard, so this girl lives in the same building as I do. My bedroom window faces southward, onto an alley and the building on the street behind us, so the talking-to-herself girl lives in a separate building on 112th Street.

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