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I recently had a question implanted in my brain, and perhaps somebody out there can help. I'm not too hopeful, but it's not the sort of question you can google. If you were watching television, in particular movie ads, in the early-to-mid 90s perhaps you can help.

Sometime in the range of 1993-96, there was an ad in circulation for a movie featuring, I believe, Gen-Xers dealing with, I don't know, romance and life and shit. It was some sort of comedy. In the trailer, there was a shot of a girl, perhaps scantily clad, lying on a bed, possibly with someone else in the bed next to her. She rolls over and falls off the bed. It's the falling off the bed thing that sticks in my mind, and that's the only thing I'm 100% sure was in the trailer. For the longest time, I was under the impression that this trailer was for Reality Bites. I just watched it for the first time last night and discovered that I had the wrong movie (Mini-review: Quite underwhelming and with a very fake feel to it. I can honestly say it was the longest-feeling movie I've seen in a while. I didn't check my watch, but I thought for sure as it was wrapping up that it had been significantly over two hours, close to two-and-a-half, and was shocked to learn it was only an hour and a half. This does not, generally, speak well of a movie). The bed-falling-off scene isn't in the movie and isn't in the trailer on the DVD (because sometimes they put scenes in trailers that don't make it into the movie).

So... Can anyone help? Some sort of comedy about romance (not neccessarily a romantic comedy, quite possibly a hipply ironic Gen-Xish take on romance) that either came out around the same time as Reality Bites (causing me to confuse the two at the time the trailers were out) or has a similar title to Reality Bites (Like, I don't know, "Love Sucks" or something). Ring any bells?


I can think of only two movies involving scantily-clad girls rolling over and falling off of beds. One is Cruel Intentions, which, being not a comedy, is almost certainly not what you're looking for. The other one which is faintly knocking at the back of my mind is Never Been Kissed, for which I only ever saw the trailer but could swear that it involves Drew Barrymore in her Charming Klutz persona falling off a bed. But that came out a little late for what you're talking about -- I think 1998 or after -- and is probably also not it.

zach the movie your thinking of is 100% for sure Clueless. watch it and youll see im correct

zach the movie you're thinking of is 100% for sure Clueless. watch it and youll see i'm correct. computer posted it twice....i suppose that just means i'm twice as right!!

I concur with Brette - Alicia Silverstone tries to seduce a guy who turns out to be gay, and in the process flings herself off the bed.

Good call B-daw!

In the future, I will skip straight over questions like this and leave them to people better-equipped to answer them.

Hum. The girls-rolling-over-and-falling-off-beds mine is somewhat deeper than I expected. Clueless does seem most likely, but I'm not sure. I saw Clueless when it came out, and several times thereafter. I would have thought it more likely that I was confusing Reality Bites for some movie as yet unviewed.
Still, though, the timing seems right, and I didn't see either movie in theaters. It's quite plausible that I mixed the two up, combining them into one super-film, and then didn't bother to disaggregate them in my mind after I saw Clueless. I will tentatively say it was Clueless, and leave a small voice in my head saying it was something else.

Dianna: No, your contribution was helpful! I had completely forgotten that Cruel Intentions featured girls-rolling-off-beds. It proved that my rolling-off-bed specificiation was not nearly so exclusive as I would have hoped.

Well, Clueless is probably what you're thinking of, but the only other movie I can think of that's a sort of teen gen-x love sucks and we're in high school movie I can think of is Can't Hardly Wait. An awful, awful movie staring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Seth Green that takes place during a graduation party. I've seen it a million times cause Brette loves it and puts it on every time it's on tv.

Kelsey: I don't think Can't Hardly Wait features girls-falling-off-beds. Also, it was released way after my time period. Also, and you wouldn't know this, I didn't even know that movie existed until I saw it at a friends house on video, so I never saw the trailer or knew of it in theaters.

I get the feeling you just commented there to say your piece about Can't Hardly Wait.

Kelsey: Excuse me, I have NEVER made you watch that movie. I have never even seen that movie with YOU present and I don't even really like that movie. So please do not take your hatred of that movie out on me XP

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