Somebody visited the hell out of this site at 5:45 this morning (2:45 AM on the West Coast). I'm curious to see who that was. If you come back, please comment. Also, all you people out there who are visiting and not commenting should also feel free to comment. I don't bite!


Not it!

Do your site statistics let you see where people are coming from? Google searches, links, that sort of thing? Cementhorizon used to have such a feature (and would again if the site administrator would ever put it back), and even when it wasn't useful it was sure as hell entertaining. I've been a major Google result for such topics as the phrase "chicken itza" and the movie Nine Queens, which makes me despair about the quality of information to be found on the internet.

I can see the referring address for people who come here, though most people thus far are just typing in the URL. The blog's new enough that I doubt Google has included it yet.

Wait; Ah-ha, a search for Malthusian Temblor Apples returned this site as the top hit. I knew I had a reason for picking three random fun words for the title of that post beyond simple title-block.

In any case, I can see what people searched for when coming to the site, but for now the matter is academic. The only person who's come to the site from google is some fool searching for Malthusian Temblor Apples.

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