I love apples. I have three kinds in my fridge right now (Macintosh, Red Delicious, and some Macoun). Macintoshes are my favorite variety these days, as I've soured (so to speak) on Red Delicious, the apple I grew up with. That's not to say I don't still enjoy a Red Delicious, but the Red Delicious farmers of America long ago traded flavor for a brighter skin, more sheen, and longer shelf-life. I think the Macintosh apples I have must be organic or heirloom or something (I wasn't paying close attention when I bought them); they're small and slightly gritty and mushy, and they lack the brightness and gleam of standard Macintosh apples, but they're so deliciously tart and tasty when you bite into them. Every time I eat one I think I should be baking it into a pie, but by now I don't have enough left to make a pie. I'll need to make another trip to the store for that, but believe me an apple pie is on the way.

I have one question: Do all Red Delicious apples come from Washington? Because around here our peaches and other fruit (Except bananas) all come from New Jersey or upstate New York, but our Red Delicious apples come from Washington.

EDIT: It's also annoyingly hard to find out when Macintosh apples come in season, because of stupid Apple Computer and their stupid Macintoshes.


Need any pie recipes? *grin*

I've never been impressed with Red Delicious apples. I prefer Granny Smith, or slightly unripe Gala in a pinch. The tartness and firmness are the essence of delicious appledom for me. Mmm. Delicious appledom.

I'm usually either in the mood for tart or sweet. Granny Smith just gets too sour for me. I used to love them, but now I prefer the tang of a Macintosh.

God, there was one apple they had at Berkeley Bowl a while back, they're pretty obscure and I couldn't find a reference to them on-line. Not Empire... perhaps... Nectar? Ambrosia? Some similar. Anyhow, they were quite tasty, but I don't have much hope of finding them elsewhere; they strike me as a small local breed.

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