I was in the Tower Records on East 4th Street today and they were showing the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie. This reminded me that I need to learn how to play the opening theme from the HHGttG radio show/TV series/movie. This is of particular importance because the HHGttG theme is the first thing that inspired me to play the banjo. I had come across the script for the stageplay version of HHGttG, and had a cockamamie dream that we might do a production of it. This came to nothing, of course, because I was not in drama and had no connection to the drama department. But in my fantasy production of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy stage play, I played the narrator and also played the opening and closing theme on the banjo. So now that I have a banjo and am learning to play it, it seems important that, once I've gotten the basic lessons out of the way, I learn the HHGttG theme. It seems relatively easy; doesn't need too much finger speed, and there isn't too great a range of notes.

Upon getting home, I looked it up and discovered that the name of the song is "Journey of the Sorceror," which somehow made my lust to learn it ten times stronger.

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