Hot Boron Action


According to Sitemeter, I get a small, but consistent, number of people finding this page on google searches for the words "slut of boron." I can't even fathom what that could be about. I looked for the phrase myself and found no clues as to what they could be searching for. Any ideas?

. . . And of course, now that I've used the phrase here I will only get more people finding this page by looking for boron sluts. So if one of you who does get here through such a search doesn't mind explaining in comments, I'd be delighted. Well, probably not delighted, but edified at least.


hey Zack, did you get the email I sent you this morning?

Sounds like they're looking for Gorean fan-fiction or something. (If you don't know what Gor is, you are better off, believe me)

You know, tekanji, while I am grateful that you shed light on what those searches are probably about, I have to say that my life will now be a little bit sadder for knowing of the existence of those books.

On the brighter side, though, apparently the books inspired a terrible movie, called Gor, which was eventually the subject of a Mystery Science Theater episode. So the whole thing was, in some form at least, subjected to public ridicule, even if it was on late-night cable television.

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