When our car pulled up to the curb at the airport yesterday evening I was excited to see the curbside bag check. I had already checked in on-line and would have felt silly standing in line again, so this would be a perfect way to quickly check my luggage and be on my way. As I prepared to get in line my dad advised me to tip the baggage handler. After some discussion we decided that $3 was the perfect amount to tip him.

We were apparently wrong, because both of my bags got lost in transit. At this stage the airline doesn't really know where they are, but they hope to get some idea within the next 24 hours.


OH NOS!!!!!!!! :-(

Don't worry, I got it in the end. I had to wait around all day for them to deliver it, but I got it. And everything seems to be there.

How was the drive back to SLO?

Nota Bene: I don't actually think the baggage handler in San Diego did anything untoward to my luggage. I was just pointing to the irony that the one time in the last year when I tipped a baggage handler (I flew 17 times in the prior year, and every time either didn't check luggage or checked it at the airline's desk) was also the one time when something bad happened to the luggage. I got a call at noon that my bags had been found and were at the airport, and it would have been physically impossible for them to have gotten from San Diego to Newark in the time between when I reported them missing and the time when they were found there.

the drive back was pleasant. not too long cause there was virtually no traffic in LA. in fact, i believe im going back for the three day weekend b/c all of my friends are going to tahoe to go snowboarding.

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