I've been reading Douglas Coupland's Microserfs, a novel about programmers working for Microsoft and various high-tech start-ups in Silicon Valley in the mid-90s. Considering it was written during the late-90s pre-tech bust, I'm way out of date on this. Still, a fun read.

Coupland has an interesting recurring conceit; when he first introduces us to a character, he gives us that character's dream board for Jeopardy. I liked the idea enough to do it for myself:

Molten Boron's Ideal Jeopardy Board:

Video Game History, 1975-The Present
Quotes from the Collected Works of Matt Groening
Gregory of Tours's History of the Franks
The Life and Times of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
U.S. Presidents
Lyrics to Rush Songs
The Collected Works of Arthur C. Clarke

What would be on your board?


Ted's Jeopardy Board:

Dane Cook Quotables
Inane Steeler Trivia
Business Travel Strategies
Name that Kevin Smith Movie
Internet Time Wasters
Is that Contractor Lying to You?
Wal-Mart Departments*

*because its practically the only store within 10 minutes of where I live and we buy almost everything there

Ooh special bonus:

Concessions at a Given Pennsylvania Exit on I-80

Brette's jeopardy board:

Taco bell rhyme time
Country music in other words
Livestock trivia
Dane Cook qoutables (stolen from Teddy, i know, but i would still own this category XD)
Name that designer
Dog breeds are us

I really like this, and had forgotten about it since reading that book. Here are my categories.

Bewildering Archaeology Facts
Things To Do With Fake Meat
Make It Yourself, Poorly
This Thing My Housemate Said The Other Day
Infinite Rephrasal
R.E.M. Trivia
The Worst Puns In The World

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