Wanted: Cheap Last Minute Costume Suggestions


My roommate's turning our apartment into a den of partying tomorrow night for Halloween, and I suppose I should attend. Given that Mohammed has thus far failed to move to the mountain, I guess tomorrow night the mountain is moving to Mohammed.

This leaves me in need of a costume. Ideas? I'd prefer to cobble something together myself, as costume shops tend to sell stuff that's cheap of make and overpriced. Right now I can fashion a sorta-quasi-half-decent ninja costume out of a black long-sleeve t-shirt, black lounge pants, black socks, black flip-flops, and Ninja Scarf. Still, I feel like I could do better. My other easy option would be The Guy from the Power Grid cover. Any ideas?


Go as Clark Kent. You already have a suit, just make your tie really tight and buy a pair of big emokid glasses. Heh, you've been doing the hairstyle for years.

Blah, no. It has to be a genuine costume, no "I'm going as a law student!" or, slightly more cunning but no less lazy, "I'm going as a Duke Lacrosse Player!". I either want a real costume or no costume at all.

Well I think Clark Kent is a good idea, and you asked for something last minute. How is putting on black sweat sweat pants to go as a ninja better? If you wanted a genuine costume you should've planned ahead, like certain Kelseys I could mention.

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