The Simple Joys of Summer


Quite possibly the tastiest sandwich it is possible to make is the simple tomato and butter sandwich, provided the tomato is fresh and flavorful, as one gets during peak season in summer. Simply toast two slices of bread, spread butter on one slice (Earth Balance works superbly as a substitute), sprinkle said slice with pepper, put a few drops of hot sauce on the other slice, put on a slab of tomato (I prefer an heirloom tomato like brandywine), sprinkle the tomato with a small amount of salt (be very light about it; when you're done, you shouldn't be able to see any salt, as it should all be absorbed by the tomato's juice) and merge the two bread slices into a sandwich-like configuration. Enjoy!


Ew. Grandma's butter and tomato sandwiches didn't have hot sauce on them >

Bah! The hot sauce adds zest!

the hot sauce ruins the integrity of the sandwich!

Wrong. Totally, utterly, incalculably wrong. You're just evincing latent anti-hot sauce prejudices.

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