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An Update.

Work ends tomorrow, which is fun insofar as I'll be able to enjoy a bit of time off, but not-so-fun insofar as that time off will come to a crashing halt five days later when the Early Interview Program begins. During EIP, I will be interviewing with at least 29 employers (not counting any interviews I may add between now and then, or pick up during the program) over the course of five days. This includes a marathon batch of nine interviews two Mondays from now, which will be followed by eight further interviews on Tuesday. The prospect does not, to say the least, make me a *Happy Camper*. On the plus side, I got nearly every interview that I requested, so I at least have a nice selection of firms and such.

I'm also going to the dentist tomorrow afternoon, which is less fun, to have some cavities filled. Well, not really cavities. Pseudo-cavities. Softnesses that the dentist worries may become cavities if not properly filled. She feels it would be wisest to fill them now on general principle. That principle being that just about everything should be filled at all times, just in case.

I also might or might not have a date tomorrow night, depending on the breaks. If not tomorrow, then definitely on Monday or Tuesday, so I've got that going for me.

And now I should probably get back to researching firms to decide which ones to add to and drop from my interview schedule.

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