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You know what I just realized? I love statutes. I loved the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure when I was memorizing and cross-referencing them for Civ Pro last semester, and I love the Model Penal Code. I get excited every time I look up a provision and carefully parse the words of the relevant subsection. I love saying "According to the MPC, section three-point-oh-four-parens-two-parens-A-parens-two-parens-three, you may justifiably use force to protect yourself against the occupier or possessor of property whom you know to be using force upon a claim of right to protect that property, provided that you believe that the force you deploy is necessary to protect yourself against death or serious bodily harm." Hopefully this will translate to facility interpreting the Model Penal Code on tomorrow's Criminal Law exam. Of course, since a huge part of the joy I get out of citing the Model Penal Code is the way the numbers, letters, and parenses role of my tongue in a melodious fashion, I'm a bit worried that this peculiarly verbal joy won't provide me with directly applicable skills on my exam.

Also, I believe a good sign that I've been doing too much studying is that I've begun altering my MPC citations to be about poking Kelsey in the tummy, e.g. "According to the MPC section two-point-oh-poke-parens-Kels-parens-tum...". Usually I only do this to lyrics of songs I have stuck in my head.

Finally, this is blog post number 333, which means I am officially invoking an intervention by Ralph, Demon Prince of Apathy. Of course, Ralph, being Ralph, doesn't give a fuck.


Man, why you always gotta be pokin' my tum?

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