Dame Fashion Smiles on Me


Woo! According to the Times, mid-thigh trunks are back in fashion for men's swimwear! This makes me happy because the only swim suit I own, and the only one I've owned for several years, is a pair of drab mid-thigh trunks. And now they're fashionable again! Take that, board shorts! Also, take that, Britney! That'll learn you to make fun of my swim trunks for being too short!


Good lord. Are there really people who are so concerned with how much man leg is showing at the swimming pool that they will a) ridicule wearers of nonregulation shorts, b) enforce upon their significant others the wearing of the correct items, and c) write enormous articles about it?

That said, the shorts at the top of that page look pretty nice. I'd probably wear them if they were offered to me. But then, my other swimwear is an R-rated plaid flannel bikini, so obviously I don't know thing one about what's correct at the pools this year.

Well, I can understand the article-writing, at least; he's a fashion writer, he gets paid to be bitchy about what other people are wearing. The woman who makes her boyfriends wear properly-hemmed trunks, though, is probably not someone I'd like to hang around with.

R-Rated bikini? How does that come about?

It was a sewing project with insufficient hem allowances, actually. One minute it was perfect; the next minute the bottoms had turned from "boy shorts" to "wow, look at all that ass". I decided that rather than scrap it and start over, which would be a pain, I'd just consider myself the lucky owner of a scandalous and unique bathing suit.

I certainly hope the "britney" you're refering to is someone you know at law school or perhaps even one miss britney spears, because I KNOW it can't be ME you're refering to because my name is spelled britTANY!!!!!

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