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Hey, so I'm going to be in New York all this summer, working at a non-profit organization in the West Village. My workload should be light compared to when I'm in school, the days will be sunny, and there's plenty of room in my apartment. To that end, I extend an open invitation to all who read this blog: If you'll be visiting the New York City area this summer, please feel free to send me an e-mail (that's , once again) and I'll happily put you up for as long as you like. It's a spacious Manhattan apartment, well-situated near two subway lines, and located on the same block as historic Tom's Restaurant (the Seinfeld Cafe). I'm five minutes walk from Columbia University, ten minutes from Central Park, 15-20 minutes by Subway from downtown Manhattan. And the neighborhood itself is both quiet and safe (the second-safest precinct in Manhattan), so you can get a good night's sleep here without a lot of street noise.

Anyhow, anyone's welcome, send an e-mail ahead of time to give me some notice.


This segues nicely into something I meant to ask. I'm applying to a summer fieldschool in upstate NY. I don't know yet if I'll get in, but if I do I'll find myself in Ithaca for six weeks with weekends free. Can I come down to the city for a visit one of those weekends?

Certainly! If you wind up out here, just give me some heads-up so I can tidy up and give you directions and such.

Oh, hey, if you're into chinese food, I actually know quite a good mostly-vegan Chinese place in the West Village (Mostly Vegan because, while 95% of their menu items are meat-and-dairy free, one or two of their deserts might have dairy, though I'm not certain. They serve a variety of soy ice cream, though, so you're not left in the lurch for desert).

I do hope you mean anyone because while oscar and karyn were in san diego they said they were going to new york and that they were "most definately" going to call you and take you out to places. Have fun! muahahahahahaha

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