Breach of Decorum


I don't want to seem like I'm obsessed with my roommate's sex life, but...

First, let me say I'm completely fine with my roommate having sex, especially since he has it in his own room. I don't even mind that it's loud, or happens late at night; the walls are nicely insulative, and I'm usually up anyway. I'm just mortified about my own activities when the sex is happening. If I were having sex, I'd want to be as little a nuisance to my roommate as possible. Therefore I'd rather he be walking around going about business as usual rather than, say, putting on headphones or locking himself in his room or whatnot. So I tend to act as though nothing's happening. But then I worry that my activities might be loud and annoying when my usual business at that moment is, say, washing the dishes or taking out the garbage or tromping around on the creaky floorboards in hiking boots. Is this taking casualness too far?

Which leads me to my final question, which is pressing since the roommate is mid-coitus: Would practicing the banjo while he's performing in his carnal carnival be stepping over the line that separates "casual indifference" from "passive aggression?"


OMG zach, if he's having sex it is NORMAL and probably preferred that you make yourself scarce! don't go about your normal stuff, go in your room and put on those headphones! And please, for the love of God, don't play the banjo while he's having sex....that's weird :-)

He's not having sex in the common area, he's having sex in his room! If I were the one having sex, I wouldn't want to inconvenience my roommates about it. Besides, he's having sex at 11 o'clock and later; I wouldn't mind taking a walk around the block at 2 in the afternoon, but 2 in the morning?

As long as you're not standing at the door with a glass to your ear trying to hear better, do whatever you want to do. I can remember a few times in college when my roommate and his gf decided it would be ok to have sex while I was sleeping IN THE BUNK BELOW them. If it doesn't bug you, then let them determine what they're comfortable with. If they're not comfy with the twang of a banjo, they'll find somewhere else to get it on.

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