When it Rains, it Pours (And When it Snows, it ... Blizzes?)


Blizzard warning remains in effect until 4 PM this afternoon. Apparently a second snow belt built up over Central New Jersey and attacked New York City just as the first storm was moving on to Connecticut and Massachusetts. Lousy Jersey! Anyhow, the Weather Service now expects accumulation up to 30 inches by the time the snow's done. They're saying that this will likely be the biggest snowstorm in the history of New York City.

This winter has been quite unusual, apparently. We didn't get snow here until pretty late, and then it was a sudden storm that coated the city in 4-5 inches overnight. That slowly melted out, and we've had fairly warm weather since then, in the high-40s, low-50s, until this last week. Now we get the biggest snowstorm ever (for the city). And by Wednesday, the temperature's supposed to be back in the 50s again.

On the plus side, I'm spending the day inside, warm and toasty and working on my Moot Court brief. Plus now I can tell people about living through the Great Snowstorm of Aught-Six. I should make myself some hot chocolate...

Here are a couple of pictures. First, the view of the window from the living room...


And a view taken hanging out the kitchen window (which has no screen) getting a picture of the accumulation in one of the holes my apartment faces. I took it from outside the window because the various screens and reflective surfaces were screwing up photos taken from the inside of other windows.


UPDATE: More photos. Here's my street:


This is the view from the stoop of my apartment building. Note the large mounds of snow where cars once stood.


Looking northward on Amsterdam Avenue. Note, on the right, the small path cut through the snow by, I'm guessing, someone with a snow shovel; the city hasn't gotten people out to clear out the sidewalks there yet:


Our local community playground:


North on Broadway. Not a mobile car in sight:


South on Broadway. The buses continue to run, though. And a smattering of people trudge through the snow. Most of the people I saw outside seemed to be outside because they had no other option; there weren't a lot of people out enjoying the snow.


Having said that, I've just noticed the little snowman on the left side of that picture, just under the No Parking sign. So somebody's having a good time, at least. Now for that hot chocolate...


YEAH! Lousy Jersey!!

And to think, I have to drive there tomorrow. Dammit!!

Ugh. I feel like the critical difference between beeing dreading snow and being able to enjoy it is car ownership. How's your car doing after the Blizzard of '06?

The blizzard of '06 totally missed my mountaintop town. We'll see how it goes tomorrow...

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