What's for Dinner on Valentine's Day


Long-grain Rice with Sauteed Mushrooms and Mixed Peppers


It's spicy. Like my love!

And it serves one. Also like my love, sadly.

And it's filled with mushrooms. Again, like my love.

Prep time: About 30 minutes. Which is in the ballpark of my love.


This post made me laugh so hard (mostly when I got to the mushrooms part) that I scared my cats.

For the record, my Valentine's Day entails making dinner myself (having left school at 6 after working on a presentation for a class) and eating it alone with said cats, which I haven't done yet because it involves getting up from the computer. I might watch a movie by myself or work on more school stuff, and maybe make some cookies and eat those by myself as well. No, Jacob hasn't suddenly disappeared from my life, it's just that he's teaching an evening class and won't be home until extremely late.

Like my love: unfed and full of fur?

What class are you presenting for? And what class is Jacob teaching?

Continuing along the theme of the post:

When I made this, I was concerned that some of my habanero peppers were approaching the over-ripe stage of their life cycle, so I threw in three rather than the planned one. This pushed the dish ever so slightly over the spiciness threshold for me, leading me to tear and choke up, and making my nose run.

After posting this, I went to my living room to watch Gilmore Girls. I began tearing and choking up just at an emotional confrontation. At that EXACT MOMENT, my roommate and his girlfriend came home and saw me, eating rice and mushrooms and watching Gilmore Girls, crying and sniffling.

So, yeah. This dish makes me cry and puts me in embarrasing situations. Like my love!

Zach, you have the distinction of having the best personally embarrassing stories of anyone I've ever known. By best, I don't just mean most embarrassing, but most exquisitely crafted and schadenfreude-ly satisfying to read. Kudos.

I'm presenting for my accursed Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology class, which is gearing up to be possibly the worst class I've taken at Berkeley. The subject is interesting, but the instructor isn't good at teaching it. Fortunately, the presentation is only a minor "get up and talk about this article for 15 minutes" presentation, which should be no terribly big deal. I hope.

Jacob is teaching a class on careers in biochemistry -- it's more sort of an evening guest seminar series than a regular class, in which various people from various fields and positions come and talk to the MCB graduate students about what they can do with their shiny new doctorates once they get them. Apparently last night was excruciating, because one of the two guest speakers had to cancel and the other one decided to expand into her colleague's abandoned time slot instead of cutting class short... thus keeping everyone squirming impatiently in their seats until 8:30 pm on Valentine's Day while she droned on at double the length that she was supposed to. I heard a very great deal about this when Jacob finally got home last night.

Be of good cheer Zach, because my two loves (boyfriend and spicy food) don't get along at all. Meaning I eat out or cook for him bland unexciting food. Sometimes we all need spicy mushrooms. PS. Graduate school waits are driving me nuts. Like my love.

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