Back in New York again. So tired; haven't gotten a night's sleep since Friday. Anyhow, school starts again tomorrow. On the docket this semester: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Law and Philosophy, and Property. Value-added piece of information for non-lawyer-types: Property, here, doesn't really refer to physical stuff. I mean, that's sort of covered, but not really. About 90% of this property course is Land Use/Real Estate Law. Wheeeeeee.

Oh, also this semester: Moot Court. Not Mute Court, sadly.


Mute Court! Mute Court! All proceedings must be acted out in mime!

If you don't admit that you're really taking Mute Court, you're going to have a Mute-Court-iny on your hands here.

Hum. I don't know what our issues for moot court are going to be yet, but I believe our first choice was a dispute over whether accessing a neighbor's wireless network without permission violated Federal Computer Fraud laws. How would you mime "Illegally accessing a wireless network?"

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