Intolerable Cruelty


I can't tell if this is the result of explicit evil or just poor planning. The law school is offering free back massages to all students to help with exam stress. Along with those massages they are offering free coffee, cookies, tea, etc.

They are offering them from Noon to 1 PM on Friday.

All 1L students are taking Civil Procedure. All Civil Procedure courses are having their finals between 10 AM and 2 PM on Friday (with one exception, a take-home final which, from what I can tell, was given out today at 2 PM and is due by 2 PM tomorrow). It should be pointed out that today is the first day of finals, and that the 10-2 Civ Pro exams are the only finals being given until 10 AM on Wednesday, so it isn't as though there are no times when everyone would be available.

Bravo, Student Services. Bravo.


I completely agree.

Although my initial reaction to the email was: "What do you mean, do I have 10 minutes to relax?!?! OF COURSE I DON'T!"

They are also giving out free nicotine patches in Lerner to help people quit smoking in this time of stress. DURING THE CIV PRO EXAM. Though that's more excusable, as it's a campus wide thing.

Still. I'm pretty bitter.

Indeed. On the plus side, it's motherfucking snowing out!

I'm bringing my copy of Glannon's to the exam. I initially wasn't planning on bringing it, because, you know, if I need to consult a study guide for the basic law during the final, I'm probably in a world of shit. Then this morning I realized that, while I may be in a world of shit if I need a study guide during an exam, I'll be in a world of more shit if I need a study guide during an exam and don't have it.

Also, by the way: Fuck outlining. I was up until 4 AM last night reading cases that I didn't read during the regular class. These are the wages of sin...

Also, I assume this is... Maria?

That was indeed me.
I sympathize on the Glannon thing - basically, yesterday morning I brought with me EVERYTHING that had the words "civil" or "procedure" with me. Then I left it all in my locker after the exam, because if I start looking up answers to questions....beh.

Yes. It was snowing. The problem with that is that I live on a hill. Where none of the snow was cleared. Plus I'm from upstate New York, so snow means nothing to me except "WHY DIDN'T WE GET A SNOW DAY!"

Looks like preliminary guesses are that it'll snow for our torts exam too, on the 15th. Good thing? Bad thing?

What do you mean "Our," Kemosabe? I've got Narasimhan, the one who gives the 72-hour take home with the strict 12 page limit. And she distributes on Monday, so I'll be turning my exam in just as all the rest of the 1Ls are opening their exam software.

It's a pretty sweet deal, but you don't hear me not complaining.

I forget who your Torts professor is. It isn't Witt, is it? I can't believe people still give 8-hour take home exams. Those should be illegal. Welcome to Dick Cheney's America, I guess.

Do you find yourself looking wistfully at the box on the exam schedule listing courses that will not be giving exams? And, moreover, trying to figure out how you can work them into your education? "International Financial Transactions! I'm so there! And then I can take New Forms of Public Interest Advocacy! And African Law and Development!"

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