Molten Bron's Green Briefs

Somebody got here recently by searching for "Molten Boron 'Green Briefs.'" Huh. I was curious about the combination of the phrase "Green Briefs" with a variant on my name. Apparently I'm the sixth hit on Google for such a search, since they use Molten Boron as an alternate spelling for Molten Bron. My guess is that the searcher stumbled on my page while looking for a series of erotic stories featuring a character named Molten Bron, whose hobbies appear to include standing before people while wearing only green briefs, being ravished, and canings. Here are the excerpts Google provides for the relevant hits:

"... well developed shoulders and chest. Dressed only in green briefs, Molten Bron was a very stimulating sight. Burke made a mental note to ..."

"... Molten Bron stood between the doctor's legs in nothing but his faded green briefs. Benway tugged the underpants down at the front and began ..."

I'll leave it to your imagination (or googling skills) what happens to my fictional namesake next.

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