Feminist Follow-Up

Just going to note in passing some reaction to that piece I linked to earlier by people who have a lot more experience with feminist blogging than I have.

11D quibbles with Hirshman's foundational statistics, particularly her reliance on the Sunday Style section of the Times. She then argues that feminism is not, in her phrase, the handmaiden of capitalism. Urging women to become corporate drones might not be an ideal step for the feminist movement.

Bitch Ph.D agrees almost entirely with Hirshman, at least with respect to the home life aspect of things, and offers some elaborations and advice.

Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon agrees in large part with Hirshman, but disagrees with tactics. Her argument here, as it is on a lot of the feminist issues she blogs about, is that you shouldn't blame women and the choices they make. Rather, you need to blame the Patriarchy. The idea is that women exist under an oppressive system, and blaming women for making the wrong choices within that system is not unlike blaming rape victims because they were asking for it. In real life, sometimes women make non-feminist personal choices, not because they're quislings but because that's the best choice the system offers for them personally and they can't live their whole lives for the feminist revolution.

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