California, Here I... Am


I'm in San Diego.  Right now!  For about a day and a half.  I've officially decided that visiting San Diego for a weekend from New York is profoundly not worth it, particularly if I'm leaving from class on a Friday and returning in time for morning classes on Monday.   It takes about an hour and a half to get to JFK airport by subway, then the wait to board the plain, then a 6 hour flight (which was delayed an hour this time, so 7 hours), then doing it all in reverse when I go back home.  I almost spend more time travelling than I do here. 

On the plus side, I find I appreciate home a lot more when I spend some time away from it.  Note, when I say "home" I mean "Where I live that's not San Diego."  Family's great and all, but I feel a heavy sense of oppression and doom whenever I go to the house in San Diego, even for a short visit.  This time was a new record: The pall descended on me when I was still on the subway in New York.  Usually I don't feel it until I catch the first glimpse of the house.  Ah well.  A short visit will be fun.


screw you too zach

Well, you know, I don't generally like being home. But I had fun this time!

I agree with Brette. If you hate it so much, then don't come home, fucker.

Bah, you two are both blowing this out of proportion. I was deploying hyperbole for the sake of making a point. I like being home for short visits, but not longer stays, and the upside of short visits seems to be outweighed by the downside of spending 16 hour total in travelling for them.

Oh! It occurs to me that my tersity may, perhaps, have lead to misunderstanding. I don't dislike being in San Diego because of family. I dislike being in San Diego because I don't like San Diego, and I don't like being stuck in the house all day unless somebody drives me somewhere. This isn't a problem for short visits, when there's usually stuff to do. It is a problem when I'm there for months and spend every day sitting around the house doing nothing.

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